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May 28th, 2006

02:46 pm - HeyZeus Loves You
this I know

Jesus was at the park on Friday

Check 'em all out...

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May 21st, 2006

11:14 am - Cooking With Christ
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Italiano Ravioli

Mother's Day Waffles

You can also go to www.veoh.com and look up myelasticmind...the quality is a little better.

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May 6th, 2006

11:04 am - =0(

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May 5th, 2006

11:39 am - ODB
Old Dirty Bunny - that's what we might name the bunny...if...

Well, I called the vet yesterday and he said that the bunny wasn't looking too good. He thought there was some head trauma and it wasn't eating. He also said that it had a seizure and that things were looking pretty bleak. I was sad and I had to tell my kids that we might not ever be able to bring bunny home. They, too, were sad.

So, I called the vet today, and bunny made it through the night, has started to eat, and the swelling on its head has gone down!! Yippee!! Bunny Bunny Bunny.

We have to wait another day and then we'll be able to take it home! Cross your fingers or rub your lucky rab- scratch that - just cross your fingers for ODB!

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May 4th, 2006

12:06 pm - Sigh
I am a sucker with capital SUCK!

Yesterday, I was in my 5th period class. A student came up to me and was extremely upset because kids had been jogging outside and stepped on a baby bunny. The kids felt horrible, picked up the baby bunny and were sure that they had broken it's let. They brought it to a science teacher who told them to put it back. She also said that it, in all likelihood, would be abandoned now that it was injured and had human stench on it.

The girl in my class was devastated (her father died suddenly earlier this year). I gave her a box and told her to go find the bunny. Five minutes later, she returned with the little bunny. I called a local vet and asked if they could help and I said that I would pay for the expenses.

I got to the vet who said that he wouldn't charge me. He also said that bunny would be o.k., but that he was going to feed it for a couple of days and then I could take it home. He said that I could raise it until it was old enough to live on its own or I could keep it in a hut outside as a pet. Naturally, I figured I'd set it free. Who needs another animal at this juncture.

So, when I got home, my son came out of the house with his 4 year old hamster in a tin container and couldn't understand why Mr. Fuzzball wasn't moving. Mr. Fuzzball was indeed...dead. The boy cried and cried. Mommy made it all better by telling him that I would bring him home a rescued bunny.

Son of a Bun

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April 30th, 2006

04:00 pm - YouTube
Dear God. You have to check out some of the shit on this site. I signed up. Here are my first two videos:

Amos My Pug


Hey Zeus Goes to Burger King

The story of Hey Zeus is this...My friend gives me Jesus paraphernalia for Christmas every year...last year it was a Miracle Eyes Jesus whose eyes follow you where ever you go. This year it was a Jesus Beanie Baby (with a bracelet that says: W.W.I.D). Needles to say, Jesus Beanie has been making his way 'round town...like CVS, a bar, the path train into NYC, partying with garden dwarfs (dwarves?). You get the drift. Anyway, Hey Zeus has finally made a short film.

Sign up for YouTube and get yourselves on there...Anna and Sue...I know this is right up your alley if you haven't already done so. You HAVE to put your shit up there.

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April 28th, 2006

08:26 am - Sprink Break
I misspelled Spring and decided to leave it. The effort that it is taking to acknowledge my spelling error is hardly worth it.

Yes. I'm on Sprink Break this week. What have I done. Read a few books for next year. I might be teaching AP English and I don't want to be embarrassed when those little geeks have read more than me. May I recommend The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and The Awakening by Kate Chopin...both available in online texts.

I tried to grade essays, but it's just too painful. They're horrible.

I seem to have done a lot, however, I have very little to show for it.

Did anyone see Earl or The Office last night? I love Joy (from Earl) and Dwight (from The Office).

I need someone to help me test out my webcam. I might be doing some online tutoring and I'm not sure which service has the best video capabilities. I didn't like Yahoo...I was able to test that with my cousin. I have Skype, MSN, and AIM, but no one to test with. Can anyone help????

I have to make toast for the eldest boy.

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March 11th, 2006

09:14 pm - I <3 LJ
Just a note:

I haven't been on in a long time, but LJ is the man.

I'm having technical difficulties with a friend's brand new laptop and I screwed it up. Naturally, I did the same stuff to my identical laptop without a hitch. Figures I'd make hers crap out the moment I touch it.

Anywho, I went to LJ and found tons of people to help in the following communities computerhelp, computertalk, compgeekz. I am so lucky. I love you guys...old friends and new collectively.

P.S. Old friends, I miss you, and you know I'll be back when school(work) and school (grad school) and children are not consuming every fiber of my being.

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August 30th, 2005

08:23 am - So
Because I spent much of my free time making linoleum block stamps, keeping the kids from killing each other (a tv fell on them the other day while they were "just arm-wrestling"), watching Kathy Griffin, and whatnot, I have now become a slave to lesson plans and reading Freshman and British Literature.

I am determined to have all of my lesson plans, vocabulary, and quizzes completed for the whole year. Yes. People have called me crazy. "How can you do that?" or "What if something in your schedule changes?" they all ask. Well then, I modify, but at least I have a foundation upon which to build.

You see, folks, I have spent my entire life being an unorganized procrastinator and I can't handle it anymore. Just ask my therapist. She'll tell you. Now that my husband is officially unemployed as of tomorrow, and I am enrolled in graduate school, AND I will be taking on a part-time job teaching an SAT Prep class, I just have no room in my life for my lifestyle. My kids will end up in therapy, too, if something doesn't give.

So, in the beginning of the summer, while I was teaching summer school, I did an outline for the entire school year. Figured out days off, figured out half days, wrote 180 journal topics, found 180 quotes of the day, calculated (yes, calculated) when I'd give vocabulary quizzes, calculated when I'd assign term papers.

Then my grandma died and I shut down for a little while.

Back to work. I built my student website (please let me know what you think), wrote countless quizzes, found hundreds of vocabulary words, read and re-read many, many books...

...only to tell you that I'm only half-way through and there's ONE week left until school starts.

I'm officially effed.

My love to all. See you when I resurface.

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August 17th, 2005

06:59 pm
Happy Birthdaycheese_girl

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